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Shelley Beyer

Ways to Keep Your Dog Fresh Between Baths!
December 29, 2021

You’ve got your dog going to the groomer’s regularly, but how do you keep your dog smelling fresh and clean between baths? There are many simple things you can do to help keep that just bathed freshness for as long as possible. Don’t lose hope! A lot of these tips are simple and relatively cheap, too!

Regular Brushes

It turns out that brushing 2-5 times a week is excellent for your dog’s coat- and the smell. It helps distribute natural oils. Even more than that, it helps get rid of any dead fur and reduces shedding. That’s good for your dog and your house. If your dog is particularly prone to shedding, consider brushing them outside to prevent your home from looking like a hair salon exploded inside it.

Wash the Bed

Just like your bedding, sometimes, the dog bed needs a nice bath, too. If you can give it a thorough wash, that would be best. In the meantime, consider freshening it up with a deodorizing spray. Either homemade or store-bought can be equally helpful in this situation. Just make sure that whatever you use, it doesn’t smell too strongly. Pet’s noses are more sensitive than ours, and if they don’t like the scent, they won’t use their bed!

Keep The Outdoors Out!

When your dog goes outside, try to make sure to wipe them down, especially their paws. Wiping their coat and feet clean not only keeps outside gunk like mud or other substances from being tracked into the house, but it also helps prevent the smell of those from lingering too long. Consider it your ounce of prevention to avoid needing a pound of cure.

Doggy Dry Shampoo

Does that actually exist? Yup, it is real, and you should seriously consider it, especially if your dog has a long gap between baths. These come in foam, spray, and powder, so choose what works best for your dog and your family. These no-rinse, bath-less formulas are a perfect stop-gap to keep your pet smelling as if every day was bath day. In fact, it may be better than a regular bath day!

Dietary Adjustments

If your dog has a flatulence problem, a diet change may help. Try switching to a different protein, and see if that helps. There are a few other dietary problems that may cause flatulence. For example, eating too quickly, consuming lactose products, too many treats, or low-quality dog food ingredients can all be contributing to gastrointestinal issues for your dog. When in doubt, try discussing things with your vet- they may have ideas.

Oral Hygiene

The problem might be more than bad breath, but it doesn’t hurt to take care of this too. There are a lot of solutions for bad breath, such as brushing their teeth, providing dental bones or self brushing chew toys, or adding things to their drinking water. Consider your dog’s personality and health before making a decision there. Bring your concerns to your vet before making any drastic changes.

As you know, every dog is unique and may react differently to any one of these changes. Be gentle and patient with your dog as you try these new things. Remain flexible, as one solution may not be the right fit, but you can always try another one. You can beat the smell and enjoy cuddling with your dog again!