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Shelley Beyer

Thanksgiving for Pets
December 31, 2021

All your family members love Thanksgiving, even the furry four-legged ones! With various delicious smells and loved ones gathering together, the excitement can sometimes be distracting. Even though Thanksgiving is fun, it can be risky for your pets. Keep reading for some precautions you can take to keep your beloved furry friends safe this holiday!

The Food

We know your pets will be quite interested in all the food on the table. It’s going to be tempting to share with them, too. They are, after all, begging masters with their sad eyes and paw raises. Even if they are adorably sweet, you want to avoid giving in to their whines. Bones are choking hazards. The turkey or the turkey skin can be problematic, even in a small amount. Not all fruits and vegetables are safe. Things like onions and raisins can be potential issues for your pets. The uncooked dough can cause bloating! Dessert is right out chocolate is toxic, and fruit treats may have xylitol sweetener or be on the no-no list for your pets.

If you know that you won’t resist giving them something special, make or buy a treat just for them! (Such as this peanut butter pumpkin treat. <https://www.allrecipes.com/recipe/133123/peanut-butter-and-pumpkin-dog-treats/>) You can also feed them certain parts of the meal, but make sure they are unseasoned! Green beans, potatoes, apples, carrots, and un-spiced pumpkin puree are all viable options that should not cause any significant tummy trouble. You can set aside some of your ingredients while cooking to keep it safe for your pup or kitty.

The Family and Friends

The people we love are central to this holiday, and having company over is one of the highlights of the year. However, it can be stressful for your pet. Make sure that you give them a safe place to hide from visitors. If they are particularly excitable, consider putting them in another room until the party is over. You would not want an overstimulated pet to bite or scratch someone in their excitement.

If you have overnight guests, take special care to ensure your pets do not have access to their luggage. It may be harmless to people, but it can quickly become lethal to your curious cat or dog.

Also, be aware of your guest’s expectations. Make sure that every guest is aware of the animals in your home so they can plan accordingly. Some people are so painfully allergic they may not be able to come at all. Some exotic pets can make people uncomfortable, so relocating them to another room may be better until the party is over.

The Festivities

With all the people arriving at your house, you need to make sure your pet is secure. An open door can lead to a lost pet, and nobody wants that! You will want to pay attention to all the trash at the party too. Yes. All of it. Your pet will gobble up the food that falls without hesitation and with incredible speed. Watch your inedible trash closely, too; things like strings from roasting dishes, bunched-up cling wrap/foil from pans, and more can be fascinating to your pets. Please keep all the garbage in a secure container and take it out as soon as possible to keep your pets safe.

The last thing to keep an eye out for is something you’ll need to pay attention to the whole season long. Be careful what you do for your decorations. Several holiday plants are toxic to pets, so make sure that they are out of the way if you use live plant decorations. Innocent pine cones can cause intestinal blockage. Of course, as always, pay the utmost attention to all open flames. They can cause serious injury to pets and people and damage your home. Fire is no joke, so take care!

Have a Safe Thanksgiving for Pets and People Alike

When it comes to a crisis, it’s better to act quickly. If your pet starts acting strangely in any way, your best bet is to call the vet immediately. Make sure that you know where the nearest pet care facility (open for the holidays) is. It’s better to do that research in advance. You should also make sure your pets have ID tags and microchips, if possible, in case they get out during all the hustle and bustle of the holiday celebration.

Everyone is excited about this time of year, especially your furry friends! As long as you are careful with the things we mentioned above, you and your fur babies should have a delightful holiday season. We wish you and your family a Happy and Safe Thanksgiving!