Happy Tails is a must if you have fur babies. I signed up last Sept and prepaid a package. Several months later my husband was suddenly hospitalized. I called Shelly and she was available at a moments notice and she was all set up with a key to the house. She ran over to make sure the dogs were taken care of. She took the additional stress out of an already stressful day.

Maureen Clarke Routt

It’s so nice to be able to enjoy a trip and not have to worry about our Buster kitty. I love the updates and pictures Shelley sends! Great to know he’s being loved and cared for just like I would.

Jennifer Griffith

Shelley is amazing! She takes care of our two pitbulls Monday thru Friday while we work. They love her! We love that we don’t worry about our pups while we work. She is always available for a last minute add on or transport for them too, which really makes everything so much easier for us as full time workers!

Jackee Ragan

I had a very positive experience with Shelley Beyer’s Happy Tails Transport Service. Shelly did not transport our dogs. Instead she came to our home daily while we were away to feed, walk, and provide a warm human touch for our two springer spaniels. When Shelley returned to drop off our key, she greeted the dogs with genuine affection and they welcomed her warmly. I am so happy we found such a great personal service that allowed our dogs to remain in their own home for a very reasonable cost. I especially appreciated her daily emails to let us know that all was going well. I would highly recommend Happy Tails to anyone who has a pet in need of care or just a walk while you are away.
Sue Byrum

Sue Byrum

Thank you, thank you Shelley! You did an excellent job watching (and walking) Boo in our absence. I didn’t have even one moment of concern with you in charge. Excellent business model!

Michele Haynes

I came to St Helens on a temporary work assignment and brought my dog Prince Luca with me. My job requires me to work 12 hour shifts,making it necessary to hire someone to help care for him. I had always entrusted his care with family and was super uneasy about leaving him with, for both of us, was a total stranger. Happy Tails owner Shelley met both of us prior to starting and though I was still nervous she helped calm my fears. Luca absolutely loves her visits and trusts her absolutely. I am able to go to work and not worry about him. She updates me with photos of the time they spent together which always brightens my day! This has been a fabulous experience and I will recommend Happy Tails to anyone inquiring!!! Thanks Shelley from me and his majesty!

Nancy West

My husband Joe and I have been using Happy Tails services for 8 months now. We have two puppies who Shelley and her team have been a critical part of raising. The Happy Tails team is spot on with timeliness, attention to detail and providing top notch care. They have assisted not only in feeding and walking our two fur kids but also provided feedback and care planning around puppy behavioral barriers. They’re consistent and very reliable. I highly recommend their services.

Jaime Scurti

Best pet sitters we’ve ever had. Daily updates and photos of our kitties. Medication administered as prescribed. When they returned our house key today, the cats were snuggling up to them like long lost friends. I recommend them as highly as I can. They were wonderful.

Dennis Minsent

I am SO happy I discovered Happy Tails Transport! Long story short, I got a puppy, had care set up for her while I was at work, which ended up falling through. Happy Tails came to my rescue with extremely short notice. Tawnya and Shelley were instrumental in providing stability and helping my new puppy adjust by letting her out to play and potty twice a day. I will be forever grateful for their services and have been recommending them to anyone and everyone that I can!

Britney Vallejo

I couldn’t be more pleased with the service and dependability of this team. I recently moved to the St Helens area and still work in Beaverton. I was commuting home daily on my lunch hour to let my dogs outside for a potty break when I saw the Happy Tails van on Hwy 30 and decided to research them and their services. I am so happy I did! I have been using their daily 20-minute visit for one month now and will continue to subscribe to this service indefinitely. I love the daily “puppy reports” with pictures of my boys being happy and spoiled rotten.  Thank you Miss Shelley! You and your team save me a tremendous amount of time and gas each week and your level of service is excellent! I couldn’t ask for a better team to trust with my home and my fur babies!

Tera Ramsey

Thank you Shelley for your unbelievable services, friendly and warm demeanor.  You are an absolute angel and my dog loves you just as much!!!

Susie Elder

Once again, Shelley and Britney took excellent care of our Boo! We appreciate your service so much. It takes the worry out of being away from home for a few days of R & R. Thank you!!

Michele Haynes

Thank you so much! I’m so satisfied with Happy Tails! Shelley saved the day by taking care of my kitty last minute in an emergency situation. Hands down best pet care around.

Jennifer Griffith

Great service! They love your fur babies.

Susan Hofbauer

Fantastic service. She has done a wonderful job walking my two Pitt’s while i am away from home. I would recommend to anyone needing this service.

Keven Ragan

Amazing! My dogs love their daily walks.

Jackee Ragan

Happy Tails delivers friendly and professional courtesy to meet any of your needs as a pet owner, and I would highly recommend this service to anyone whom wishes to leave their four-legged family members in reliable, and safe hands. Thank you 🙂

Eran Kemp

After the loss of my husband a few months ago who was retired and at home while I was at work, I needed someone to watch my 2 “baby girls” (3 -1/2 year and 6 month old golden retrievers)….they have been wonderful with them! They are reliable and responsible and after getting my daily update complete with a summary of what they did and pictures, I can relax and smile knowing they are being well cared for and having fun!

Lora Graf

I honestly can’t say that Kira could have done anything better. We are very happy with the whole arrangement and outcome from Happy Tails!  We loved the email reports that Kira sent each time she came out. I think that alleviates any potential worry we would have otherwise had while we were away. A wonderful experience overall. We’ll certainly call on you again! Keep doing what you’re doing!

Gene Patrick

We received daily emails with the status of each visit. The emails included pictures and details of the visit. Using Happy Tails give us peace of mind when we are on vacation away from our three kitties.

Kim Barbee

Shelley couldn’t have done a better job, everything she did for us was perfect.

Tina Miller

The dogs love someone coming and playing with them. I love the pictures.  Great service and they accommodate last minute phone calls. Thanks.

Christia Miller

Wonderful service! Can leave home with no worries! Reliable, caring, professional, and great communication about your pet!

Laurie Wilson

Overall great. We like the web site and ease of doing business. Cat sitters are polite and caring.She gave good feedback. She understands the importance of giving our older cats their food and trying to get them to it.

Angela Sorensen

Glad to know they’ve got it taken care of. Allows me to have a stress free time away. No issues and happy animals.

Kara Sotir

House was clean and neat upon my return and cats were happy. Consistently high-class service during all my travels.

Susan Proctor

I love this service. Prior to using Happy Tails services I did not fully trust someone with my babies. I have utilized their services time and time again because of I know my dogs will be well cared for. My dogs love the service and I am always pleased and relieved to know they are in good hands when I’m not there. The updates and pictures every day are a bonus! Keep up the good work!!!

Desenia Goodwin

I very much appreciated the care that both Rhainnon and Abby gave to Daisy. They did exactly what they were supposed to and Daisy was a happy girl when I got home. I really like your service. You gathered all the information up front to make sure you understood everything you needed to take care of Daisy. Also really liked the report after each visit. Great summary and loved the pictures!

Diana Allen

This company is the real deal!  The website is super user friendly and all of the staff are outstanding!  I have been with HappyTails for about six months and they walk my pups on a regular basis.  I love the reports I receive after the walk has finished and the pictures are adorable!  I can see it in my dog’s faces how much fun they are having.  This eases my mind knowing my dogs are in great hands!  Thank you for everything you do HappyTails team!  We can’t wait for our next walk!

Laura Kor

Fabulous group of pet sitters. We really appreciate the care and attention you give our pups and love the photos and daily reports.

Laura Criddle

I love the write ups.  The gals certainly capture Gizas personality! That you can get semi-focused pictures is also awesome.

Nicole Possert

I LOVED the update after the visits and the great pics of my boy. Not only could I check in online and see that the visit had taken place, I could look at his sweet face and tell how he was feeling, I’m a computer illiterate, so the fact that happy tails web portal and email are super easy to use makes me very happy! I never worried about not being able to see how things were at home.

Beth Flom

Lucy was happy when we came back from our trip.  The sitters had played with her and made sure her food was refilled.  I really was happy when I received the pictures taken of Lucy while I was gone. They were the best sitters I have had!  I could tell that Lucy had been taken care of very well! I was very pleased to return home.  The house was clean and Lucy’s litter box had been cleaned every day! There was fresh water/food every day. I highly recommend Happy Tails!

Arline Vance

We just started having Shelley and her team pet sit our fur babies, Sammy and Bailey, brother and sister Maine Coon cats.  We could tell by the pictures sent our kitties loved the great care and attention given to both of them. Happy Tails was  recommended by our friends/neighbor and we were able to see first hand how they loved and attended our neighbors senior dog.  We will continue to have Shelley and her team watch our furry family in the future.

Susan Baldwin

We absolutely love the sitters. They did a fantastic job and did everything we asked. They are awesome!!  Happy tails is a wonderful pet sitting service. I would recommend it to everyone. Getting pictures every day, several times a day, reassured me that our animals were OK and loving the sitters.

Danette Russell

My pet sitter gives information and pictures daily about how it went with my cat. The cat is totally stress free when I get home, I think grumpy Miss Kitty actually likes the sitter! I appreciate the consistent,thoughtful care for my cat and the feedback I get daily. I also love that I can have my mail and packages set indoors.

Patsy Cullen

Our Lucy loved her sitter, you could see it in her eyes of the photos that were sent. Great service, will use again. Was so happy that our Lucy could stay at home rather than a kennel. Love the twice daily communication photos.

Martha Phillips

We use Happy Tails all the time! They have provided our dogs–Bentley and Marley–with tender loving care and have provided us with outstanding customer service. Very response, very dedicated, and a good value. We get a report and photos from every HT visit and it’s fun to see the “kids” are doing so well. The HT online scheduling system is easy to set up and make changes to, as needed. Our pups MUCH prefer to be taken care of at home, rather than kenneled. Thank you Happy Tails, we be calling upon your services again soon.

Laura Criddle

Love them! Fabulous service. Can’t say enough good things. Need pet help – please give them a try.

Kathleen McGuire

The best care is given to my pups. It is obvious they love their job and their furry clients. Bonus, you get a report after each visit with pictures! And they are so cute! If that doesn’t make your day, then I don’t know what will.

Laura Johnson

We had our first visit today with Happy Tails pet transport for a dog walking session and I couldn’t be more happy or excited!!  We had our meet and greet last week and I felt that these ladies would take great care of my fur children!  The report card and the pictures are priceless!   My pups were so happy it makes it an easy decision to continue using their services!!  I am so thankful for this company!!  My pups are so happy!!  A win win!!  Thank you Happy Tails!!

Laura Kor

Attentive, kind, communicative. Above and beyond my expectations. Excellent. A+++

Robin Smith

Shelley really took the time to get to know my dogs and really made me at ease while we were on our vacation.

Courtnie Taylor

All the pet sitters seem friendly and engaged with the dogs and follow the instructions thoroughly. We enjoy receiving the emails with the photos showing the dogs happy in their own environment.

Ellen McNeill

Abby, Rhiannon, and Daelyn are amazing! I cannot say enough how pleased we are with the care they provide for our puppy, Fable. Seeing the reports and sweet pictures they send after each visit just make my day and ease my mind of worry about leaving her home during our long work days. Any special instructions (eg. medication, activity restrictions) are followed to the letter. Knowing that these girls will be there to walk and play with Fable throughout the day gives us 100% peace of mind. Happy Tails was a HUGE factor in our decision to get another dog. We had used their service with our previous senior dogs, and when we lost them,  they were so kind and compassionate… it was as though they lost their own pets. Before we even considered another pet, we talked with Shelley to make sure she had our back, and of course she did! We would recommend Happy Tails to anyone considering this type of service. Trustworthy,thorough, caring… I would give 10 stars if it were an option!

Tracy Smith

They gave our animals not only food and water but also love and attention. I simply wouldn’t be able to go on vacation without their excellent service.

Peggy Meek

I could tell that Ruby and GG were looking for their new friends the very next day! As we’ve experienced in the past, Happy Tails knocked it out of the park. Thanks for being there for us. Keep up your wonderful service as it has been, and everyone that has your sitters and companion care will be happy.

Todd Moore

Everyone was wonderful! All the girls that came in to take care of my pets left me great email updates and photos of all of my animals. It was greatly appreciated!

Jeannie Ludlow

Shout out to Happy Tails Transport! Hey all, I just wanted to give a quick “thumbs up” to a local pet sitting company. Happy Tails Transport took care of our dog while we were out of town for a few days. We agreed on 2 visits per day. It was total peace of mind that after each visit, they would email me with not only a detailed account of the visit, but photos as well. I am super happy to have found these guys locally (St. Helens) and would highly recommend them if you need dependable pet sitting services!

Chris Lawrence