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Shelley Beyer

Pet Present Fun Facts and Tips
December 29, 2021

Should you give your pet Christmas presents?

Most pet owners say yes! According to research, around 70-80% of pet owners plan on buying their pet’s presents this year for the holidays. Does that include you? Keep on reading for some fun facts about gifts for our furry friends!

Fun Facts about Pet Presents

  • Dogs are more likely to get presents than cats- by 10-20%.
  • People who own both dogs and cats are more likely to spend more on their dog than their cat.
  • Less than ten percent of dog and cat owners will buy a present for their dog and not their cat.
  • 70% of pet owners plan on getting multiple gifts for their pets.
  • 20% plan on giving their pets more presents than their human family members.
  • About half of those presents will be toys.
  • Treats are the second most likely present (30%).
  • The average amount spent per pet will be around $20.
  • Pet owners are about equally likely to shop online or in-person at a big store or local pet store for their pet’s presents, or a combination of all of them (Online has a slight edge at 31%).
  • 60% of pet owners who are giving a gift plan to put them in their pet’s stockings.
  • Over two-thirds of pet owners will buy presents for other people’s pets too.
  • 72% of non-pet owners do not purchase gifts for other people’s pets.

3 Tips for Pet Present Giving

Tip #1: Your pet does not know how much you spent. Please don’t break the bank thinking they’ll appreciate it. If the fancy version fits more with your home vibe or brings you additional happiness, go for it, but don’t do it because you think your pet knows the difference.

Tip #2: Once your pet learns to open presents, they will open all the gifts they see. Remember that pets need consistency with rules, so it is hard for them to know the difference between presents they can open and off-limits presents. Just be prepared. Consider using simpler wrapping or having them open theirs separately from everyone else’s.

Tip #3: If you want to give a present, consider using this time to gift presents you would need to buy anyway. New pet furniture, toys, treats, grooming tools, and leashes all make good presents for your pet. Subscription boxes are becoming very popular too so, maybe consider one of those if your budget will allow. It’s a gift that keeps giving!

Whatever path you decide for your family this holiday season, you’re in good company. Your pets will still love you, no matter what you do or don’t get them on Christmas. Just give them lots of love because that’s the real reason for the season!