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Shelley Beyer

Moving With Your Pet
January 6, 2022

As exciting as moving can be, it can also be stressful. There are so many different things that need to be taken care of, and your pet is unique. What kinds of things do you need to consider before moving with your pet? How do you even begin to know what you need to do to prepare your pet for moving? Just keep reading for some tips on moving with your pet.

Do Your Research

Before you start packing up, make sure you know if where you are going is pet-friendly! What are the regulations on pets where you are moving? Are there city ordinances restricting the number of pets you may have? Do they require different vaccinations or health certificates in your new home? What about licensing with the city or county? Is there a quarantine period? Be sure that your new residence allows your type of pets if you’re renting! Make sure to do all your research ahead of time. You don’t want any unpleasant surprises, do you?

Contact Your Vet

If you’re moving outside your current vet’s area, be sure to stop in with your vet to get instructions on moving your pet’s records. Should you pick them up from them now and take them to your vet in person, or call for them once you’ve selected one? Be sure that your pet is up to date with those regulations you found in your research phase. If your plans include air travel, make sure to ask your vet about their recommendations regarding sedation if traveling stresses them out. Also, inquire about any health certificate that may be needed.

Prep a To-Go Bag

You’ve got to pack for your pet too! Make sure you set aside enough food, toys, water, and waste management supplies (Poop bags for dogs and cat litter for kitties) and, of course, treats! Make sure to bring the same food and water in bowls familiar to your pet. Avoid any changes in their food because this can cause unnecessary tummy upset. Your pet will also be more comfortable with the water they are used to since everything else seems to be new and different.

Travel Selection

When traveling with pets, your options boil down to two things – either flying on an airplane or driving. Most buses and trains won’t take them. Depending on how far you’re moving, you may have to choose one or the other.

If you and your pet are flying, make sure you follow your vet’s recommendations to prepare them for the experience. Double-check the airline’s regulations to make sure they can accommodate your pet.

If you’re driving with your pet, remember to plan on keeping them with you in your vehicle, NOT THE MOVING TRUCK. Things can shift inside the moving truck, and that could seriously injure your pet! Some pets may prefer having their carrier covered to make them feel secure.

Safety First

Whether you’re packing up the old house or unpacking everything when you get to your new home, you need to ensure your pet isn’t underfoot. Lots of heavy things are getting moved, and your pet darting out in front of someone at the wrong time can have disastrous results for everyone involved.

The best practice would be to have your pet be somewhere else entirely- a friend’s house or even a kennel. If that’s not a feasible option, try to keep your pet isolated to one room. Try putting them in a temperature-controlled area in the house or apartment; they can be in their kennel or carrier, but make sure they have food and water. Check-in with them regularly and keep with their regular routines whenever possible. It makes the changes around them seem less scary when they can rely on their regular walks and mealtimes.

Don’t Forget the Love!

Through every step of the moving process, make sure to shower your pets with love and affection whenever possible. Keep treats handy and accessible to give to them too. They’re going to be stressed out, and they are going to need your attention more than ever!