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Shelley Beyer

Keeping Your Kitty Happy When Alone
January 4, 2022

Do you know what’s worse than a bored dog? A bored cat. A dog can only get in so many places on the ground. On the other hand, your cat can get almost anywhere, including the high ledges. They may get into all kinds of things you don’t want them to, and you won’t be home to stop them. Your cat knows this. So, your best choice is to give them something more interesting to do than eat your cables and shoelaces, shred the furniture, or knock everything off the highest bookshelf.

Boxes and Bags

You may not need to buy anything to help your cat feel more engaged. Though, you might have to tolerate a little clutter around the house. When you get a package, leave the box out for the kitty. When you have an appropriate sized (non-plastic) bag, leave it on the floor. You may not even have to leave these things out on purpose. As soon as it’s left unattended, they will descend upon the unsuspecting container and prove that they can fit. It is adorable for you to watch, but more importantly, it is entertaining to them. You can remove the bag or box from the living space when they get bored. It is that easy.

Puzzle Toys

These toys can provide treats or even deliver your cat’s food. Cat’s instinctively want to hunt food, which makes them have to work for their kibble. They’ll spend more time engaging than eating, and that’s good news for their mood! There’s a lot of different options on the market, so take your pet’s preferences into account while you’re planning.

Self Grooming/Massage Toys

Another set of toys is grooming massage toys. They have unique textures to rub their face on or chew. One popular design is the grooming arch. It’s an arch with a brush on the side that your cat can rub up against freely. Don’t worry; your cat will still likely prefer your pets better, but in the meantime, it gives them something interesting to do.


If your cat is one of those who likes catnip products, consider growing some of this. The smell is very distracting and pleasing. Playing with catnip should be more entertaining than destroying your couch, hopefully. Be sure your cat isn’t allergic by checking with your vet before committing to it.

Cat Furniture

Your cat tree or cat condo is a valuable tool in keeping your pet entertained. There are multiple levels for them to explore, and you know how most cats like to be as tall as possible. Pick one that is the right size and design for your home, as well as one that will look like it would suit your cat’s taste. For example, if your cat likes to have a lot of hiding places, consider choosing one that has a few places to hide.

Window Access

Outside is like a big free TV for your cat. Make sure they have a way to look out at least one window. If they’re busy watching what’s going on outside, they aren’t venting their boredom inside. You can move a cat tree near the window, purchase special seats that attach to your window for your cat or make sure they have access to a window ledge. Jazz things up a bit by putting a bird feeder outside the window; that’s like tuning into your little predator’s favorite channel.

Fish Tank

We know it seems risky, but as long as you have a fish tank that is secure against feline intrusion, you should be just fine. Though, this solution requires a lot of commitment. It’s is basically like getting a pet for your pet. A scaly, water-bound one that your cat would love to eat but cannot get to it because you outsmarted them. If you have space and the ability to secure a fish tank, your feline is likely to be very interested in watching the fish.

Cat TV

Just like there is Dog TV, they have Cat TV too. It’s primarily birds and mice running around, but every cat has different ideas of what’s fun to them. Play a few videos for your kitty. If they seem to like watching, you can leave it running during the day and rest easy. If they don’t, then it’s not your cat’s thing. You can keep looking for other solutions.

Mix It Up

Trade out your cat’s toys periodically. Put some away, leave some out. When it’s time to rotate them in a few months, the old toys will feel brand new again. It’s like recycling without throwing anything out!

Camera Toys

Have you ever wished you could be a fly on the wall to see what your cat is doing while home alone? These pet cameras help fulfill that dream. https://petcube.com/ There are lots of options for every feline owner! You could have a two-way radio and visual contact with your kitty. There’s even one with a laser dot! Or another one that dispenses treats. These allow you to check-in, which is invaluable, but it is the priciest option.

Your cat will love having some new things to distract them. Hopefully, this will help them be less bored when their favorite person is away from home. Try some of these tips and see which one works best for your feline friend!