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Shelley Beyer

Keep Your Pets Safe This Autumn
January 6, 2022

We know you may be excited about pumpkin, cozy sweaters, and the upcoming holiday preparations, but there are some little things you should keep in mind. Some of them may be more relevant to your family as well, but it’s always good to review some autumn-specific safety tips for pets.

New Toxins

There’s often an increase in rodenticides this time of year- the vermin are trying to take refuge from the cold inside warm houses. If you choose to use these controls, make sure your pets don’t get into them accidentally! Another toxin to watch out for is antifreeze. People are changing their engine fluids to prepare for the incoming lower temperatures. Unfortunately, antifreeze is very sweet and can be a tempting toxic lick for your pets. Clean up all leaks immediately and keep your bottles well out of the way of pets.

School Supplies

It’s back to school time! There are crayons and glue sticks everywhere- and SO much paper. All of those can look like tasty snacks to your pets; there is a chance they might eat them. The good news, they are meant for children, so they are not usually toxic. But they will cause some unpleasant tummy trouble and blockages. Keep them out of furry paws to avoid some expensive vet bills.


Mushrooms are popping up everywhere in the fall! While they are tasty for humans and only a small portion of them are toxic, this is one of those things that is just easier to not take a chance on. That small percentage can be very dangerous. Do your best to keep your pets away from ALL mushrooms. If your pet consumes mushrooms of any kind, call ASPCA Animal Poison Control Center at (888) 426-4435.

Holiday Arrangements

The holidays are coming. That means people are coming into the house or you are preparing for travel. Whether that travel includes your pet or not, it’s time to start preparing. If you plan to leave your pet at home, book your pet sitting arrangements now! The holidays tend to fill up fast. If you have company coming over for the holidays, make all the preparations necessary to keep your pet safe. Inform your guests of any preferences or special needs your pets may have so everyone can have a safe and happy holiday!


Don’t forget to be aware of your holiday decorations! Is there anything that could become a choking hazard? Make sure you keep any decoration that could become a choking hazard or is made of toxic materials well out of reach for your pets. It may be a challenge if you’ve got curious ones, but with a bit of creativity, you can keep your furry family out of trouble.


Fall temperatures can change rapidly, depending on where you live. Keep an eye on the thermometer and ensure your pet is not out there in the cold! If you shave your pet’s long fur for the summer, consider letting it grow out again for the winter. You usually wear a coat in the upcoming weather, so I’m sure your pet will probably appreciate one too!

Every season comes with its challenges. Now you have all the information you and your pets need to make it through autumn safe and sound! You can enjoy the beautiful scenery worry-free.