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Shelley Beyer

Keep Your Dog Entertained at Home
December 29, 2021

The workday is rough for everyone. You may not really enjoy work, but your dog is having even less fun at home; because you aren’t there! The problem with this is that your dog can become destructive when they have nothing to entertain them. They may cause harm to themselves or the furniture simply because they have nothing else to do.

So let’s give them something to do! Several of these choices are free, or practically free, so give them a try!


Well, you know you like TV. It turns out your dogs can be endlessly entertained by the TV too. There are even specific channels that are focused on producing content for dogs. Or, you can leave your TV on any station you would like. They will appreciate the noise since it will give them something to watch. If you don’t feel comfortable with your TV screens being on that long, try turning on the radio instead.

Window Access

A dog likes to peruse their territory and know what’s going on outside. Oblige them by making sure that they can see out a window. Open some curtains, provide steps, or do whatever you need to do for your dog to look outside when they want to. They’ll enjoy being a living security system – even a very sensitive one. Plus, they can see you coming home!

Rotate Toys

Rotating the toys is another free option to help change up your dog’s routine. Keep some of your dog’s toys hidden, out of sight. Periodically, rotate out some or all of them. The toys they haven’t seen in a while will steal their attention like they were brand new. When the ‘yay new toy’ glow wears off, rotate back in the old ones. It’s all the novelty of buying new toys every month without actually paying for new toys!

Hollow Toys Stuffed with Treats

Food. You love it, and your dog does too. Having to work to get your food- now that’s entertainment. Put peanut butter in a hollow toy like a Kong and watch your dog go to town trying to get every delicious lick out of that thing. It’s quite the boredom cure. If your dog needs to beat the heat, you can even step it up a notch and freeze treats inside. As the day goes on, it’ll melt, and your dog will come back for more yummies. They’ll also be able to cool off in the process.

Smelly Scavenger Hunt

This one may take some time to set up each day, but your dog may find it rewarding. Hide some treats in different locations around the house. Sniffing them out will take some time and will consume your dog’s attention once he catches a whiff of those hidden treats. Any treats that survived the hunt can stay until the next day. You can also do this hunt with some toys – anything your dog will sniff out. The best part is it’s practically free.

Puzzle Toys

These are like the grown-up version of the scavenger hunt. One that won’t aggravate an ant problem too. They range from puzzles requiring your dog to press buttons to release treats to simple kinetic push toys that release treats when manipulated in a certain way. There are lots of different types of puzzle toys. You can find a solution that suits your dog’s preferences!

Camera Treat Dispensers

These are the budget busters- price tags on these can easily break $200. However, they have some super cool features. Timer dispensed treats, two-way audio, and recording options are all available. It will most likely have a smartphone app for you to use. They may require a monthly subscription, so make sure you do some research before committing. If you ever wanted to know what happens when you aren’t home, this can help solve that mystery for you.

We suggest paying attention to your dog’s favorite activities when choosing ways to keep them happy. If they like watching TV with you, then that might be the easiest solution. If you would like to keep an eye on them and check in personally, then the investment of the camera treat dispensers may be right for you. Try a variety out and see which ones seem to work best for your pup!