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Shelley Beyer

Inside Games for Rainy Days
December 29, 2021


It’s pouring down rain, and your dog is bouncing off the walls with energy. What do you do? Risk the weather to play outside games like fetch? Not at all. Just like with people, there are lots of games you can play inside with your pup. We choose some easy ones to get you started!

Game Idea #1: Treasure Hunt

A treasure hunt sounds like an adventure! Since this is your dog and not a pirate, treasure hunt means treat quest. It is mentally engaging but not as physically exhausting as the other two games on this list.

What You Need:

Boxes or solid colored containers (3-5)Treats or toys (Treats work best when they’re still learning this game)

While your dog isn’t watching, hide the treasure under one of the boxes. When your dog comes in, have them smell the boxes. Once your four-legged friend finds the one with the treat, lift it, and give it to them. If they don’t find it, encourage them to try another box. After a few repetitions of this game, they should catch on and get faster about finding the box with the prize.

Game Ideas #2: Tag

Tag is not just for kids anymore! It is a classic game that is always fun for everyone involved! You can help burn off some of that energy by running around and going from place to place. It is also easy to play inside!

What you need

At least two people


Start in the same room, as far apart as you can manage. One of you calls your dog’s name and gives them a little treat when they arrive. Then the other person calls for them, and they get another reward when they return to them. Move around to increase the space between the two of you, going to other rooms or even other floors of the house. Once your dog is fully engaged in the game, you can alternate treats with excited praise and love or some toy time. For extra fun, try running away from your dog after you call their name. Now it is a chase!

Game Ideas #3: Clean Up Time

This activity is one of those games that is a half-game and half a super cool skill. Before you can play this one, though, your dog will need to know what it means to “Put it Away!” Learning new tricks is always a great way to play with your dog inside! This article from Chewy will help you teach your dog this skill so you can have fun with this game!

What You Need

Toys Container the toys belong in

Your dog who knows the Put it Away command.

This one is so simple! Scatter the toys around the room and put their container in the center of the room. Tell your dog to put it away until they’ve put all the toys away, then, of course, reward them with a treat and lots of praise. Once they have the hang of it, you can move the game into multiple rooms. You can even hide the toys to increase the challenge!

Dogs don’t need complicated board games with pages of rules to be happy and engaged; playtime with you is all they need! The benefit of exercise is just a perk in your dog’s mind. If it is a dreary rainy day, lift your spirits by having some playtime with your pup inside!