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Shelley Beyer

Essential Oils and Dogs
December 29, 2021

Research into the world of essential oils is expanding, and the uses are endless. When it comes to essential oils for your pup, it is not always safe. That doesn’t mean you cannot use essential oils to help your canine friend feel better too. It just means you need to use more caution when you do.

If you are using any essential oils as part of a treatment plan for your dog, you should only do so under veterinary supervision. Be careful using oils topically or directly on your dog. It is better to focus on aromatherapy treatments instead. Your dog will metabolize each type of oil differently than you, so be careful which ones you use. Dogs are more sensitive to essential oils, and even though it barely smells like anything to you, it can be overwhelming to your dog. (Especially puppies and dogs with breathing problems)

Aromatherapy use for any scent in small amounts should be okay if used for less than two consecutive weeks, but be aware of signs your dog may be showing that they are uncomfortable. Make sure that your dog can leave the space that is having oils diffused in it. If you notice your dog goes to another room every time you use a scent, don’t use it in their spaces.
Be VERY careful with the following oils around your dog, even aromatically.

Dangerous Oils for Dogs









Sweet Birch

Tea Tree




Ylang Ylang

If you think that your pet may have been overexposed to some oils, be on the lookout for a few different symptoms. Pay special attention to breathing and walking problems, excessive drooling, lethargy, redness or burns, or smelling like oil. Rapid diagnosis and treatment are critical- so make sure that you deal with any problems quickly. Wash off anything on your dog, and call the vet immediately. DO NOT attempt to induce vomiting or give them activated charcoal- it can make it worse!