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Shelley Beyer

Decode Your Cat: Signs They Love You
December 29, 2021

While cats are far less blatant than dogs in expressing their affection to people, that doesn’t mean they love us any less! They tend to be more low-key when it comes to showing their love.


Have you ever noticed how cats do not meow at each other? That is because they communicate with each other with scent and body language. Humans do not seem to respond to that as well, so they have learned to use their voice. Even deaf cats have picked up on this! Fun fact, your cat talks to you personally and will adjust its vocalizations just for you. There have been case studies to show that cat owners can pick out their cat’s vocalizations even blind. Amazing, right?

Eye Contact

If a cat places their face right up in yours, it means that they trust and love you because they are exposing their eyes to you. They need those to survive, and you could hurt them when they are so close to you! As a bonus, if your cat makes eye contact across the room and slowly blinks, that’s the cat equivalent of blowing kisses.

Tail Salute

An upright tail with a tip flick is a sign of respect in the cat world. It’s how kittens greet their mothers, and adult cats use it similarly. If your cat approaches you with this tail posture, you are one of their favorite people. Appreciate it!


Cats spend a lot of time grooming themselves. Is it any surprise that them attempting to groom you is equally a sign of affection? The grooming can take the form of nipping or licking at your skin, hair, or even clothes. In a cat’s eyes, this means you are of equal importance to them. That’s like the highest praise for a cat owner.


Bunting is the technical name for when your cat’s head butts you or rubs its face all over you. It is their way of trying to make you smell like them. It’s the kindest way to mark someone. Invisible, painless, and undetectable by humans.


Kids roll around on the floor when they throw a fit. A cat rolls on the floor because they are happy to see you. Both still want attention, but the cat is more likely to get the positive kind because it’s so darn cute! They are showing you their belly too, which is part of why this is so meaningful.


You probably knew this one already, but when they knead on you, they are doing it because they love you. “Making biscuits” is your cat’s habit from when they drank milk from their mom. As adult cats, they use this motion when they are quite happy and content and when they are trying to get more comfortable too. They might use it when they want your attention as well!


Being used as the napping place of a cat is one of the highest honors a cat can give to a person. It means that not only do they trust you enough to sleep directly in your space, they honestly prefer it.

Special Deliveries

It may be because they think you can’t hunt for yourself, or maybe they just like sharing, but when your cat brings you something, a toy, or even an unfortunate prey animal, that is their way of showing how important you are to them. If they’re bringing you a toy, they may be initiating playtime, which is just as good. It means they want to spend time with you! Cats are not known for sharing well with others, so sharing with you- means a LOT!


Last but not least, purring. Cats use purring when they are upset or injured to soothe and help speed up their healing process! (There are scientific studies on it that are mind-blowing, check them out here.) Usually, it is to express their content with their current situation. The sound of a purring cat is good news for both of you, so enjoy this mutually beneficial form of affection as often as your cat will allow.

The affection your cat shows is subtle, but that makes it even more valuable when they give you attention; it means you have earned it! A cat’s love is never easily given so, cherish it!