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Shelley Beyer

Calming Your Anxious Pets
January 6, 2022

Everyone gets anxious, even your pets!

Many different things can be stressful for your pet. New situations, new people, or any disorder can make your pet uncomfortable. You want your pet to feel safe and comfortable wherever they are! Here is a list of ideas to calm your anxious pet!


Exercise is beneficial for people, so it shouldn’t be a surprise that it’s great for your pets too! Take your dog on a long walk or play in the park. Have daily play sessions with their favorite toys if you have a cat or a pet who can’t go on walks. Engaging in activities with your pet helps burn off that excess energy!

Health Check

Give your pet a thorough health check. Carefully check all over, but pay close attention to the paws, ears, and genitals. Some animals are particularly good at hiding their pain, but if you discover a health issue, like an injury, you could potentially solve a problem at its root.

Safe Places

If your pet is consistently nervous, make sure that you provide places where they can go to hide when they get stressed out. A cat tree or hideyhole can give your cat a place to feel safe and out of reach. If your dog feels shy or anxious, their kennel can be a safe place for them, or consider having an area in your house where they can be alone.


Sometimes, your pet may want more of your attention. Daily playtime and cuddling can be beneficial to improving your pet’s mood. Be conscious of your pet’s feelings. If your pet doesn’t feel like cuddling or playing at that moment, wait until later.


Music can be very calming to animals. It can provide a distraction from street noises, which could be extra stressful for your animal. Classical music seems to be a favorite for encouraging a relaxed mood, particularly harp pieces! They do have pet-specific tracks that you can try as well.

Pheromone Treatments

Pheromones are another way to calm your anxious dog or cat. After all, in the world of your pet, scents mean a lot to them! There are many choices when it comes to pheromone treatments. Feliway and Adaptil are well-known names in the business, with many good reviews. The only risk you run with pheromone treatments is that they may not have any effect at all. Calming pheromones will not make your pet aggressive or act like a zombie. They are a low-key, non-invasive way to help your fur friend stay relaxed.

If one of these things doesn’t work, try another one. If the problem goes on for more than a couple of weeks, you should take your pet to the vet. There may be a more concerning issue with your fur baby. Be sure to know when to call in the professionals!