Shelley Beyer

After moving to St. Helen’s, I went to work excited and ready for a rewarding experience in the veterinary industry.  I worked long hours and devoted every ounce of energy to help the business grow.  I was committed to learning everything I could about running a veterinary hospital.  Although I found the job very rewarding, I was exhausted; mentally, physically, and emotionally.  At this moment I started to brainstorm about the perfect job. Little did I know how quickly the idea would come.  I asked myself what I loved about working at the veterinary hospital.  The animals!  That’s what I loved. Why not create a business where I could spend every day playing with animals?  This is how the idea of starting a pet sitting company flourished.

After several months of planning and anticipation, I started Happy Tails Transport.  Almost immediately, I found the excitement and fulfillment I was seeking in a career. The wagging tails and looks of content on the faces of my new “clients” were proof enough that this was the right profession for me.

After years of success, I am proud of growing this extraordinary business. My job is both rewarding and challenging. After all, it is my dream job.