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Shelley Beyer

A Pet’s Guide to Candy
January 6, 2022

We all love candy, and as usual, our pets want whatever we’re eating. You’ll want to be especially careful with your dogs. They tend to be a little less picky about what they eat than cats. Though, that doesn’t mean you can relax around your kitty. It’s best to be careful with all your pets!


Hopefully, you’ve heard that chocolate isn’t good for your pets. The compound theobromine is toxic to a lot of animals. Darker chocolate has higher concentrations, so be especially careful with that. In large enough amounts, chocolate can cause hyperactivity, an irregular heartbeat, internal bleeding, and even heart attacks! The smaller they are, the less they can handle, so the best rule is just no chocolate at all.

Creamy Treats

Pets don’t digest lactose well; it can cause diarrhea and many other digestive problems. Ice cream and caramels are examples of milk-based sweets that can cause problems for your pet. Be sure not to share these types of treats when those catch their nose!


These are just fruit; they should not be that bad. Right? Raisins are toxic to pets. Too many raisins, or fresh grapes, can lead to kidney failure. Even if your kids don’t want the raisins, don’t let the kids feed them to the pets!

Sugar-Free Candies

A lot of sugar-free candies contain Xylitol, which can cause problems with your dog! It causes blood sugar to drop almost immediately after ingestion. It can even lead to liver failure too. Try to avoid giving sugar-free candies to your furry friends.

Hard Candies

Your pet is often just like a small child. So, it shouldn’t be a surprise that hard candies pose a choking hazard to your pet just as easily as a toddler. Lollipop sticks can get lodged in their digestive system.

Candy Wrappers

Even if you ate the candy, the wrapper could still be a problem! Your pet may try to eat the whole thing because it still smells like a tasty treat. Too many wrappers can cause blockages or upset their stomach. Foil wrappers are especially dangerous. They can cut up the inside of your pet’s stomach. Ouchies! So, make sure that your discarded wrappers aren’t accessible to your furbabies.

Keep all the candy bowls, treat bags, and even the empty wrappers, out of reach of all your furry friends! It’s better safe than sorry!