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Shelley Beyer

14 Signs Your Dog Loves You
December 29, 2021

Have you ever wondered how your dog shows their affection for you? It can be hard to tell the specific signs since they always give you those sweet eyes and tail wags. Dog experts have weighed in on this topic, and we’ve compiled a list for you to reference. Stay on the lookout for these 14 signs of your puppy’s love!

14 Signs Your Dog Loves You

1. They recognize your name and get excited about it! Just hearing your name gets positive reactions out of them because you are one of their favorite people.

2. They bring you broken things to fix. Whether those things are toys or injured animals, it is all the same idea. They feel you can fix anything!

3. They try to guard you whenever possible. Your pup wants to protect you when you are the most vulnerable, like when you eat or relax on the couch.

4. They rub their face on you to mark you as theirs. Under the chin is where they keep some of their scent glands, and they want you to smell like they do.

5. They freak out when you play dead or even when you are asleep. Because your precious pup thinks you are actually dead.

6. They make prolonged eye contact with you to show trust. In the wild, not paying attention to your surroundings can mean your life. To focus on a person so long means that they believe they are safe in your presence.

7. They bring you their favorite toy to share. No, you probably will not love that beat-up tennis ball as much as they do, and you certainly are not going to put it in your mouth, but it is the sharing that counts.

8. They try to comfort you when you are upset with nosing, whines, and cuddles. After all, when someone you love is upset, it is only natural to console them.

9. They cuddle up whenever possible. It is another wild instinct. Being together with your pack is safer. Cuddling is the ultimate acceptance a dog can offer!

10. They are always nosing you for attention. It is a lot like a small child coming up to you and poking you to get attention, but quieter.

11. They do a happy dog sigh when they flop down with you. The little sigh means your four-legged friend has fully relaxed, which means they trust you.

12. They give you lots of licks, anywhere they can reach. Licking is a form of soothing that they use themselves, so they try to do it to you too, especially if you are upset – or dirty.

13. They casually lean against your leg. It is a canine trust exercise. Your furry best friend trusts that you will provide a sturdy wall for them to lean on. If that isn’t love at its best, we do not know what is.

14. They roll over and show their belly for rubs. Not only is this fun and satisfying, but a big sign of trust! Exposing your stomach is also a sign of submission in the canine world, for the same reason.

Many of these are signs of affection because they require your dog to be vulnerable to you. We’re only vulnerable to the ones we love because we trust that they won’t hurt us; your dog is the same way, but since they can’t speak, this is the closest thing your dog can get to sharing those feelings of love and trust with you. Enjoy them!