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Shelley Beyer

10 Pet Hair Management Tips and Tricks
December 29, 2021

We love our pets, but sometimes their shedding is just out of control! It is especially true if your pet has dramatic coloration like white or black. Sometimes a lint roller is not enough to tackle all that fur! Here are some tips that we find to be the most helpful for pet hair management.

10 Pet Hair Management Tips

Tip #1 Prevent by Grooming Your Pet: If your pet likes it when you groom them, then brush them as often as you can. Most only need it once a week, but aggressive shedders may frequently require it.

Tip #2 Use A Pet Hair Removal Tool: Good Housekeeping did a thorough and helpful review of different pet hair removal tools. You can check out the article here. There’s a solution for every budget on their list!

Tip #3 Pet Hair Resistant Materials: It is not exactly the cheapest solution, but if your home is due for a makeover, let your struggle with pet hair guide your choices. Trade carpets for hard floors, leather instead of cotton sofas, and swap the sheets on your bed for something labeled pet hair resistant.

Tip #4 Leave a Barrier: So, you can’t replace your couch, but you could put a pet-friendly blanket on their favorite napping spot instead. Then, rather than having to fight to get the fur off of your couch, you can pick up the pet throw and toss it in the laundry!

Tip #5 Treat Fabric Right: Try an anti-static spray that they make for clothes. You can spray it on your furniture too. It’s like a dryer sheet in liquid form! If you forgot to spray it before your pet took its nap, you could spray it right on top of the fur layer to increase the success rate of your lint roller attack.

Tip #6 Wash Pet Bedding: An easy way to prevent pet hair from building up on your pet’s favorite napping place is to wash their bed regularly.

Tip #7 Make an Industrial Size Lint Roller: To pick up fur in the larger areas of your house, you can DIY a larger lint roller to pick it up all at once. Put duct tape on a paint roller with the sticky side out. Sure, it sounds like it might be a little much, but sometimes, you have to remove that much pet fur. Attaching a dryer sheet to a Swiffer also proves to be efficient!

Tip #8 Try a Home Hack: Try a pumice stone, the green side of a dish sponge, or even wet hands to pick up pet hair when a lint roller isn’t available. Balloons, slightly damp socks, and textured rubber gloves can also prove helpful.

Tip #9 Dryer First: The last thing you want is your load of laundry covered in pet hair! Toss pet hair-covered clothes into the dryer for about ten minutes before running them through the washing machine. Don’t forget to clean your lint trap!

Tip #10 Wash Smarter: Try changing how you wash your clothes and bedding. Hotter water and either half a cup of white vinegar or the appropriate amount of fabric softener will help loosen the fur as well.

Try out a couple of these tips to help manage all of the loose pet hair! Now you no longer have to choose between your pet and a clean house! Enjoy a fresher feeling house and clothes that do not have fur all over them.